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About.com is a valuable resource for content that helps people to solve the large and small needs of everyday life and business. For especially useful information regarding business one has to select ‘Browse our channels’ and choose section ‘Business and Finance’, which has further information subdivided into the following main categories: Business Practices, Industry, Personal Finance, Small Business. Information can also be sought by using the search offered in ‘Explore our topics’.


This portal contains the following parts: ‘Encyclopedia of Small Business’, ‘Encyclopedia of Business’, ‘Business Biographies’, ‘Business Plans’, ‘Encyclopedia of American Industries’, ‘Encyclopedia of Management’, ‘Company Histories’, ‘Leading American Businesses’.


Effective tools for managers which can be learn directly from podcasts on the web site or downloaded. The collection starts from year 2005 until 2011 and can be useful both for gurus and for starters in business.


Some of the skills (e.g., leadership skills, management skills, ethical commitment, etc.) a good manager needs are explained in these articles.


The website provides valuable information on basics and details of human resources management. It tells about role of human resources function in organizations, challenges facing human resources function, major functions of HRM and talent management, getting the best employees, developing employees, paying them, getting the best employees, ensuring fair, safe and equitable work environment, sustaining high-performing employees, etc.


Can help people without an accounting background easily understand accounting concepts at no cost. It provides concise accounting information for both business people and students of all ages. Each accounting topic includes a clear explanation, reinforcing quizzes, Q&A, puzzles, dictionary of terms, etc.


Provides information on accounting, business law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, operations, statistics and strategy. Each of those sections contains several articles in the field.


Information on accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operations, statistics and strategy. Each of those sections contains several articles in the field.


Online accounting dictionary and glossary


Quarterly journal that brings unprecedented access to the best current thinking in economics and its practical application to business, investment and policy making.


Presents the main aspects of European Union (EU) legislation in a concise, easy-to-read and unbiased way. It provides approximately 3 000 summaries of European legislation, divided into 32 subject areas corresponding to the activities of the European Union. Some exmples of the links that are provided: Budget, Development, Economics and monetary affairs, Enterprise, External trade, Internal market, Taxation, etc.


The website provides information about European Union treaties, Legislation in EU countries, official documents, European governments and organizations.


Official website of Federation of European Employers gives detailed information on different aspects of Labor Law.


The website can help better understand interpersonal communication. Each unit offers instructional notes and then gives the opportunity to further investigate each concept by engaging in an interactive activity or a quick quiz.


The page provides tools on how to improve voice and mimic, pitch and diction. It has a paper and videos from outstanding media professionals who share their inside trade secrets.


Library of books on Economics is dedicated to advancing the study of economics, markets, and liberty. It offers a unique combination of resources for students, teachers, researchers. The site features: monthly featured articles and columns; daily economics blog posts with reader comments; weekly economics podcasts with reader comments; authoritative editions of classics in economics, and related works in history, political theory and philosophy; definitions and explanations of economics terms and ideas via the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics; frequently updated guides to reading suggestions, annotated bibliographies, links to the most commonly-used economics data bases, and other educational resources.


Online integrated library for personal, professional and organizational development.


Executive Planet provides valuable tips on business etiquette, customs and protocol for doing business worldwide.


Business English Vocabulary

Some of the most common words and phrases in thirteen different business areas in British and American English (Advertising, Banking, Company Structure, Contracts, Employment, Import-Export, Insurance, Law, Marketing, Meetings, Money, Presentations, Selling). Provides ESL resources for learners, teachers, English reference, etc.


BBC Learning English course gives one useful language and phrases to improve spoken communication skills in English in different business situations. Each section features audio, target language and a quiz - all of which are downloadable. There is also the opportunity to practice and test one’s understanding of the language. The modules include: Telephoning, Meetings, Presentations and Negotiations.


The Business Emporium is a collection of business: vocabulary quizzes, tests, eccentric and hopefully amusing ESL Business lessons as well as some tools to help one teach or master the skills and knowledge necessary for passing the exam of International Schools of Commerce: the T.O.E.I.C (Test of English in International Communication).


The site provides a list of podcasts published on Business: e.g. Telephoning, Meetings, Project Management, Networking Skills, Job Interview, Dealing with Customers, Socializing, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Negotiations.