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Project partners

Vilnius Business College was established in 1989 and provides higher education and training courses in the field of Business Administration and Management, Finance Management, IT programming and Internet Technologies, Applied Foreign languages. Its main target groups are secondary school graduates as well as working adults, unemployed, socially exclusive groups. The College also provides training for people who already have some work experience or acquired certain education or training, however, decided to either renew their competence and skills, or to acquire knowledge and qualification in new areas. Vilnius Business College is a member of Businet - a network for the development of Business Education programmes. It has been actively taking part in staff and student mobility under Socrates/Erasmus programme and took part in a number of projects under LLL programme including in the role of the Coordinator.Qualified and experienced of the College ensures successful project management.

TECMAIA – Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Maia, was created in 1999 with the purpose of promoting competitivity in Maia region and enhancing the national economic and technological leadership. Tecmaia is an effective associate of TECPARQUES – Associação Portuguesa de Parques de Ciência e Tecnologia – and a “full member” of IASP – International Association of Science Parks. Tecmaia’s stakeholders are relevant entities both at regional and national levels, which facilitate the development of projects putting all these stakeholders in collaboration. Entrepreneurship is a key issue for Tecmaia. Actually there are almost 50 companies installed at Tecmaia working in different business areas, such as ICT, Biotechnology, Engineering, Energy, Electronics, R&D, etc. About 50% are micro enterprises and the other 50% goes from small to large enterprises, some with national or international scale. At Tecmaia work regularly almost 1.000 people, including professionals from aboard.


Multidisciplinary Laurea is an acknowledged developer in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. There are 8000 students in Laurea studying on different disciplines (Social Sciences, Business and Administration, Social Services) in seven campuses. Laurea produces new competences in the field of service innovations and carries out professionally orientated education, regional development and R&D activities by following the Learning by Developing (LbD) operational model. Within the innovation environment of the Metropolitan Area, Laurea is profiled particularly as a developer of regional development influence, R&D linked to cluster development, network and business competence, related operating models, the welfare sector and welfare entrepreneurship. Laurea UAS is strongly oriented to development of education and pedagogy and has got many national rewards from pedagogical merits.


 The School of Business Administration Turiba, Ltd is highly experienced in education, research, project management, and consulting. The School provides a possibility for 7000 students to obtain higher education in tourism, business administration, public relations and law. Turiba has WTO THEMIS foundation certificate, which proves their quality in education and research. Turiba has experience in managing and executing national research projects, including those founded by Latvian Council of Sciences, international projects from Leonardo da Vinci and INTERREG programmes. Turiba has 5 branches across Latvia (Liepaja, Cesis, Bauska, Talsi and Jekabpils).


 UITM was founded by the Association of Entrepreneurship Promotion in Rzeszow in 1996 and is one of the largest private universities located in South-Eastern Poland. In the eleven years of its existence it has gained an excellent reputation among prospective candidates wishing to continue their education, thanks to the attractive curriculum and wide use of new technologies. UITM is considered one of the leaders in Poland as regards initiatives and expertise in the area of innovative education. UITM cooperates with various institutions of higher education, research institutes, business associations, enterprises and experts in all fields related to the university profile. This has resulted in numerous joint projects; some of the latest are FeConE, PREMA, BIT2010, 4e-trainer, EIT, SESTEM. UITM was a coordinator of the MIapp and 3xC projects within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Program.


 Šiaurės miestelio technologijų parkas (Siaures Northtown Technology Park (NTP) is a public institution created to manage the innovative environment in the Campus of Northtown, Vilnius, Lithuania. Founded in August 2002 by the Vilnius City Municipality and the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania, and supported by local universities. The mission of Northtown is to promote the culture of innovation and facilitate the creation and growth of technology based businesses by providing business advice, high quality office space and seed capital to start-up entrepreneurs. NTP is involved in the implementation of various projects on business promotion and environment protection.


 Labour Market Training Centre in Utena is a public institution, specializing in adult training, mostly in vocational training. I has about 30 years experience in adult training and is working in all region of Utena, which includes several districts, and also has various training projects all around Lithuania. The centre provides 64 formal vocational training programs, over 20 non-formal training programs, 15 training programs for the specialists of social care and 5 training programs for public officers. After graduating students receive the certificate appreciable all around Lithuania. The last achievement of training centre is the ES funded project for building professional rehabilitation centre for disabled people, which started in December 2009. Project budget is over 1.8 million EUR.