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RELESE courses - a long-awaited push to start work independently

Mantas Marcinkevičius, RELESE course participant in Lithuania, had been dependant on other employers for more than a decade, dreamt of working independently.  However, according to him, he lacked know-how and funds for that decisive step. RELESE course was that incentive inspiring the guy to start his own business.

Mantas started working when he was eighteen and had to change many works during the decade. "Despite of different domestic policies of the companies and work nature, there was one common thing between all my employers - I worked for others, not for myself. Certainly, I tried hard and did my best to work well, but I received only money in return (and usually I was not satisfied with the amount). Therefore, after noticing the advertisement about RELESE courses, I immediately tried to register", - tells Mantas.

This decision was also encouraged by favourable circumstances - the guy was looking for a new job and thus had plenty of free time. Moreover, RELESE courses funded by European Commission was an extremely attractive offer to Mantas, who at that time could not afford such courses.

According to him, it would be very difficult to name what he liked mostly during the courses. "Certainly, there could be more practical tasks. However, all lecturers without an exception were really professional and great people", - states the course participant. "Personally I was impressed by one of the introductory lectures in Vilnius Business College - already then my eyes opened, it was like a shock, because the words of the lecturer were very valid. They forced to review the system of my personal values and start controlling my life, my business and etc.", - the guy tells with enthusiasm.  

Mantas established JSC and chose a very wide profile of services. The main activity of the company is agency; it has successfully implemented several projects, started marketing plastic windows, doors and garage gates manufactured in Lithuania under the profiles of German manufacturers with Scandinavian countries. The guy also started organizing various camps for Lithuanian and foreign children and grown-ups.

He has already recommended RELESE courses to his closest friends: one of them interior designer, the other - expert of new computer technologies. “To start one’s business you need to have the vein of entrepreneurship, self-discipline and work hard to achieve set goals. And one more thing - funds. Certainly, nobody will get this during the courses; however, RELESE has given me much valuable knowledge. I would recommend such courses to all, regardless of age, gender and education. After all, everyone may have genial ideas, and the courses may help to realize them”, - states Mantas.

Currently, the former participant of RELESE courses combines his activity of JSC with work in private company because the employer does not want to loose talented worker so easily. However, the guy has not doubts that in future he will devote all his time for his own business development.