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Partner Meeting in Porto, Portugal

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June 4-8, 2012 the 4th partner meeting was organized by Portuguese partner at TECMAIA premises.

The project progress and the results achieved were reviewed at the meeting. Members of piloting countries presented an overview of the courses piloted in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Finland, and the group discussed on the delivered business plans by course participants, course evaluation reports as well as the peculiarities of each country courses. RELESE developed a practical, competitive and constantly supported virtual learning environment that accommodates entrepreneurial training and counseling program, provides support for entrepreneurs to start by strengthening the primary motivation for and selection of attractive ideas, while also providing personal assistance in implementing business plans. In Lithuania the piloting course was held at Utena training center, which registered about 70 participants. Utena partners noted that there are already two course participants who successfully established new business in Lithuania.

During the meeting the Handbook of guidelines for teachers and course organizers was finalized and the project further dissemination and valorization were discussed.   

Partner financiers who also participated at the meeting reviewed financial and administrative project issues.

The participants agreed to organize the final meeting in Vilnius Business College on Sep. 13, 2012, and on the following day, Sep. 14, to organize the final project conference. Information about the conference will be published and advertised at various events, via media channels, informing the audience and those who are interested in the project.