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Meeting of RELESE Project at the School of Business Administration Turība

From 29 March till 1 April at the School of Business Administration Turība the 2nd meeting of the RELESE (RE- integration into Labour Market Through Entrepreneurship) Project was held, at which all project partners participated – Vilnius Business College (Lithuania), Utena Vocational Education Centre (Lithuania), TECMAIA – Maia Science and Technological Park (Portugal), Laure University of Applied Sciences (Finland), School of Business Administration Turība (Latvia), University of Information Technologies and Management (Rzeszow, Poland) and North City Technological Park (Lithuania).

The objective of the Project is to facilitate the reintegration of unemployed individuals into the labour market by strengthening the business skills and competencies for implementing a real, competitive and sustainable environment of virtual learning.

First tasks executed within the project are the research of necessities, which comprised the national context analysis in the employment sphere, polls of the unemployed persons and employers’ interviews. During the meeting the results of the necessity research performed in each project participant country were presented. Based on joint conclusions, in addition to the nine modules envisaged in the course an additional model had been proposed and was created – Business English.

Within the Project a project dissemination plan was prepared, which provides for the spreading of the project information in workshops, conferences, various events and mass media to inform both the target audience and those interested in the project progress.

On 30 March the representatives of Latvian companies, too, participated at the meeting and engaged in the lively discussion, offering their recommendations and proposals for a successful run of the project.

Proposals of the entrepreneurs were very useful and would help improve the modules. All entrepreneurs as the main recommendation emphasised the necessity to link the instruction with practice and also to provide to the students not only the knowledge how to start a business, but also to inform them how in the case of unsuccessful business or due to some other reason to successfully terminate the business. On 31 March the emerging platform of virtual learning was presented, as well as the results of the ENTER Project. One must add that the RELESE Project continues the things commenced under the ENTER Project, expanding the target audience. While the ENTER Project was implemented mainly in the South European countries, then at present this positive practice is transferred to the East Europe and North Europe.

Next tasks of the Project, too, were discussed: elaboration, adaptation of innovative learning materials and methodology and introduction into the platform of virtual learning.

The implementation of the study course will begin in September of 2011. The study course will be offered without charge, and it is a great opportunity for all who are interested to master knowledge and skills for starting of their own business.